The School offers a 4-year programme leading to the award of an MPharm degree in pharmacy. The honours classification system is used. The degree is recognised for registration purposes by both the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Details of all modules listed are available from the book of modules.

Professional Recognition (MRPharmS or MPSNI)
The course is recognised by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (the regulatory bodies)
Following successful completion of the degree course, all graduates intending to register as pharmacists in order to practise their profession are required to complete satisfactorily a one-year period of pre-registration training under conditions approved by the professional bodies, followed by a registration examination. Gaining the MPharm degree is not a guarantee of registration as a pharmacist.
Programme Specification and Indicative Syllabus
An overview of the MPharm degree course can be obtained by consulting the programme specification on the School website.

This gives details of the structure of the course (Levels, Modules and Credits), overall aims and objectives of the course (Educational Aims of Programme and Learning Outcomes), methods used to achieve these aims and objectives (Teaching and Assessment Methods). Details regarding progression through the degree are also included.

The structure and content of the MPharm degree is largely determined by the requirements of the regulatory bodies as laid down in the indicative syllabus, a copy of which is provided on the
School website.

Every 5 years, the MPharm degree is required to be reaccredited by the regulatory bodies of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In December 2006, the School was awarded a full 5 years accreditation of the MPharm programme. The next visit by representatives from the regulatory bodies for the purpose of reaccreditation is due to take place in 2011/12.