Academic Offences

There have been increasing problems with academic offences especially in the areas of Plagiarism, Collusion and Fabrication. In some instances the offences occur through lack of understanding by undergraduates. You are advised that you must read the section in the University Calendar General Regulations on procedures for dealing with academic offences. A copy of these new regulations will be posted on the student notice boards and should be available on the Queen’s University web pages from the start of term.

Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of the work of others as the writer’s own without appropriate acknowledgement. This includes auto-plagiarism (to use excerpts from his or her previous work without appropriate acknowledgement) and self-plagiarism (to submit one piece of work more than once, eg where such has been previously submitted for a different assignment.

It is an academic offence for students to plagiarise.

Definitions and procedures for dealing with academic offences can be found in the
University’s General Regulations on the Queen’s website.