Personal Development Planning

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a process of reviewing and planning your own development. You will be encouraged to take control of your learning needs by reflecting on your personal performance and the feedback you receive. An electronic portfolio (e-folio) is provided in Queen’s Online to help you set out plans and personal goals to improve your academic performance and enhance your employability. Research suggests that students who engage with PDP are better equipped to study and develop their professional skills and experiences than those who do not. You should also look at the PDP webpage in the Student Gateway and talk to your Personal Tutor.

PDP is a very helpful process to assist you in identifying what study- and skills-related changes you need to make to be even more effective as an undergraduate. Our experience shows that students who use PDP do better academically than those who choose not to. Don’t forget it’s not just about helping you study throughout your course, but it will also help you develop skills for all aspects of your life at Queen’s and beyond.