Staff/Student Consultative Committee (SSCC)

Academic Council requires the School of Pharmacy to have at least one Staff/Student Consultative Committee. Details of the SSCC and the current regulations may be found on the SSCC notice board. Elections, for student representatives to the SSCC, will take place in October. The elections will be conducted by ballot, organised by the School. The School of Pharmacy proposes to seek nominations for student representatives for the SCC during the first 2 weeks of the first semester and to conduct the ballots during the following week.

The current regulations require that each SSCC consist of equal numbers of staff and student representatives (although the Committee has the power to invite additional staff and students to be in regular attendance. The School of Pharmacy will therefore seek student nominations for one representative from each of the four years of the MPharm degree pathway.

Following elections for student representatives on the SSCC the names of those elected will be posted on the SSCC notice board.