Student Support

Student Support at QUB
The School works closely with both the Student Guidance Centre and the Students’ Union to provide a full set of support services during your time at Queen’s.

The University takes the view that all aspects of student life offer opportunities for learning and development. This is reflected in the range of services to both support you and help you develop your skills as you study.

Student Support in the School of Pharmacy
Those students entering first year of the MPharm programme will find that moving to higher education is an exciting time and a new phase in your life. Whilst you may have been looking forward to it for some time, don’t be surprised if you find it overwhelming at times – it’s normal to feel this way. For those of you who have recently left compulsory education, studying for a degree is very different. You have much more freedom to decide what you want to learn, and you will be asked to consider and debate about the content of your course. You will be expected to be more self-directed in how you approach your studies. Unlike school, your lecturers and tutors will guide you but will not direct you as much as your teachers may have done in the past.

This will be quite a change for you, which is why we offer you the services of academic advisers and personal tutors, so you can discuss this transition and receive guidance on how best to approach any difficulties you may be having.
The support mechanisms in the School are organised into a tiered structure. The Personal Tutor is the first layer within this structure and is generally regarded as the initial point of contact. Each student will have a tutor assigned to them upon enrolment at Level 1 and they will maintain this relationship throughout their four years of study on the MPharm pathway. The Adviser of Studies’ role, although sharing many similarities, is seen more as the next level of support and is usually required when the characteristics of the problem are more serious. Each student has an assigned Adviser that again remains with them throughout the duration of their studies. The final layers of support are more formalised structures and are invoked upon certain circumstances. These are the Student Support Committee and the School Student Progress Committee. Students will be briefed fully by their Advisers when circumstances dictate the need for such committee interventions.