Personal Tutor

When students are enrolled on the MPharm pathway at Level 1, they will have a tutor assigned to them. For many students, an informal discussion with their tutor is sufficient to address the majority of problems. The role of the personal tutor is to provide general academic and personal support, encouragement and limited advice on pastoral issues. Personal tutors are full-time members of staff within the School and are the initial point of contact on any matters of concern.

Arrangements will be made for all Level 1 students to meet their tutors during Welcome week, where possible. All students are expected to maintain regular contact with their tutors throughout all 4 years of the MPharm programme and students should meet with their tutors at least once each semester. Tutors will use these meetings as a means to monitor the academic progress of their tutees. You should appreciate that tutors will be proactive if it comes to their attention that one of their tutees is having problems.

Students are, of course, under no obligation to attend these meetings, but you are strongly advised to build up some form of rapport with your tutor. Even if you are having no discernible problems, you should still speak to your tutor on a regular basis.

If you are unsure who your Tutor is, then speak to personnel in the School reception and they will advise you accordingly.