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1. Welter, Kathryn:   A Master Teacher Revealed: Johann Pachelbel's Deutliche Anweisung. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 3-13.   
2. Dalton Greer, Mary:   From the House of Aaron to the House of Johann Sebastian: Old Testament Roots for the Bach Family Tree. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 15-32.   
3. Fisher, Alexander J.:   Combinatorial Modeling in the Chorus Movement of Cantata 24, Ein ungefärbt Gemüte. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 35-52.   
4. Melamed, Daniel R.:   Choral Unison in J.S. Bach's Vocal Music. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 53-60.   
5. Ochs, Michael:   You Say Sabachthani and I Say Asabthani: A St. Matthew Passion Puzzle. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 61-67.   
6. Scheide, William H.:   Sein Segen fliesst daher wie ein Strom, BWV Anh. I 14: A Source for Parodied Arias in the B-Minor Mass. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 69-77.   
7. Schulze, Hans-Joachim:   Johann Friedrich Schweinitz, 'A Disciple of the Famous Herr Bach in Leipzig'. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 81-88.   
8. Chen, Jen-Yen:   Johann Christian Bach and the Church Symphony. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 89-108.   
9. Butler, Gregory G.:   Scribes, Engravers, and Notational Styles: The Final Disposition of Bach's Art of Fugue. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 111-123.   
10. Koopman, Ton:   Notes on J.S. Bach and Basso Continuo Realization. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 125-134.   
11. Stauffer, George B.:   Music for 'Cavaliers et Dames': Bach and the Repertoire of His Collegium Musicum. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 135-156.   
12. Talle, Andrew:   A Print of Clavierübung I from J.S. Bach's Personal Library. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 157-168.   
13. Hill, Robert:   Carl Reinecke's Performance of Mozart's Larghetto and the Nineteenth-Century Practice of Quantitative Accentuation. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 171-180.   
14. Risinger, Mark:   'Grand Miscellaneous Acts': Observations on Oratorio Performance in London after Haydn. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 181-190.   
15. Seaton, Douglass:   Back from B-A-C-H: Schumann's Symphony No. 2 in C Major. [ce]AboutBach (2008), 191-206.   
16. Butler, Gregory G.; Stauffer, George B.; Dalton Greer, Mary (eds.):   About Bach.   [Dedicated with affection to Christoph Wolff, Scholar; Mentor; Friend.] Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2008. xi, 216p. ISBN: 13: 978-0-252-03344-5; 10-0-252-03344-2. [contents]

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