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1. Bent, Ian (ed.):   Source materials and interpretation of music: a memorial volume to Thurston Dart. [gs]Dart (1981), 452p
2. Bent, Ian:   The 'Compositional process' in music theory 1713-1850. MAnalysis 3/1 (Mar 1984), 29-55
3. Bent, Ian:   Heinrich Schenker e la missione del genio germanico. RivistaItaliMcol 26/1 (1991), 3-34
4. [Bent, Ian]:   Moritz Hauptmann (1792-1868). Erläuterungen zu Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Kunst der Fuge' (1841). [ce]MAnalysis19C 1 (1994), 54-56
5. [Bent, Ian]:   Siegfried Wilhelm Dehn (1799-1858) 'Dreistimmige Fuge aus dem 'Wohltemperirten Clavier' von J. S. Bach'. Analysen dreier Fugen aus Joh. Seb. Bach's 'wohltemperirtem Clavier' (1858). [ce]MAnalysis19C 1 (1994), 97-99
6. [Bent, Ian]:   Hugo Riemann (1849-1919). '[J. S. Bach:] II.22. Präludium und Fuge B-moll'. Katechismus der Fugen-Komposition (Analyse von J. S. Bachs 'Wohltemperiertem Klavier' und 'Kunst der Fuge') (1890). [ce]MAnalysis19C 1 (1994), 108-113
7. Bent, Ian (ed.):   Music analysis in the Nineteenth Century. Volume I: Fugue, Form and Style. [ce]MAnalysis19C 1 (1994), xxi, 368p
8. [Bent, Ian]:   Julius August Philipp Spitta (1841-1894). Johann Sebastian Bach, vol.1 (1873) [ce]MAnalysis19C 2 (1994), 81-84
9. Bent, Ian (ed.):   Music analysis in the Nineteenth Century. Volume II: Hermeneutic Approaches. [ce]MAnalysis19C 2 (1994), xix, 299p
10. Bent, Ian D.:   'That Bright New Light': Schenker, Universal Edition, and the Origins of the Erläuterung Series, 1901-1910. JAMSoc 58/1 (Spring 2005), 69-138
11. Bent, Ian D.:   Schenker and Bach's French suite in E major. MAnalysis 34/2 (Jul 2015), 155-174

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