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1. Willner, Channan:   Nascent Periodicity and Bach's 'Progressive' Galanterien. [p]AMS_Pittsburgh (Nov 1992)
2. Willner, Channan:   Bach's Periodicities Re-Examined. IrishMStud 4 (1996), 86-101
3. Willner, Channan:   Stress and Counterstress: Accentual Conflict and Reconciliation in J. S. Bach's Instrumental Works. MTheorySpec 20/2 (Autumn 1998), 280-304
4. Willner, Channan:   Durational Pacing in Handel's Instrumental Works: The Nature of Temporality in the Music of the High Baroque. diss. (2005), 774p
5. Willner, Channan:   Baroque Styles and the Analysis of Baroque Music. [fs]Schachter (2006), 145-169
6. Willner, Channan:   Metrical Displacement and Metrically Dissonant Hemiolas. (2007)
7. Willner, Channan:   Mozart and the English Suites: Borrowings, Isorhythm, and Plasticity. (2007)

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