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This resource was developed in 2006 to facilitate the investigation of molecular events

influencing the genetic predisposition to renal disease.


The database contains

  • Summary data compiled from regular literature reviews for chromosomal regions and genes involved with renal disease.

  • Unique chromosome maps for renal disease and a comprehensive database of genotype-phenotype comparisons.

  • A secure genotype repository for published and unpublished experimental data from specific sample collections.

  • Inclusive systems to manage renal-related nuclear DNA, mitochondrial DNA, gene copy number, epigenetic and gene-based data.

  • All data is retrieved, collated / compiled and presented in a concise format for ease-of-use

Investigators are invited to submit new data to this community-based resource and updated data is welcomed from contributors.

News & Views

CORGI is a new community-based project that aims to facilitate efficent genetic research into renal disease.


  CORGI presently contains information on over  100 genotype-phenotyp comparisons, over 150 linkage and association reports for chromosomes and includes information on over 1000 genes.

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