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The NFER at Queen's Centre for Educational Research represents an innovative partnership between the School of Education at Queen's University Belfast and the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

Drawing fully upon the wide-ranging experience and expertise of both partner organisations, the NFER at Queen's brings to Northern Ireland for the first time a research centre that has the capacity to conduct all types of educational research from indepth qualitative case studies and small-scale evaluations to experimental research and large-scale surveys using a range of sophisticated statistical modelling techniques.

Within this, the Centre has a particular expertise in research on diversity and difference in education, reflecting the existing research interests of colleagues at the School of Education and a number of colleagues at the NFER. As indicated in our long-term vision, the NFER at Queen's not only aims to meet fully the research and evaluation needs of the educational community within Northern Ireland but also to become recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for research on diversity and difference in education.

In all of its work, the NFER at Queen's is committed to maintaining the highest professional standards as reflected in its core values.

If you would like more information about the NFER at Queen's please do not hesitate to contact Professor Paul Connolly, Director of the Centre.

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