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China Flight Information

The University has arranged a direct charter flight for Queen’s students to travel China to Belfast.

The University appreciates that international travel can be difficult to arrange at the moment so has arranged a direct charter flight to make it as easy as possible for students to travel to Belfast for the start of the next academic year.

The University is subsidising the cost of the flight so it does not cost students more than a normal commercial flight.

Please see details below:

Date of flight: 18 September

Route: Beijing to Belfast

Cost: £616.00 (approx. CNY 5,400.00)

Registration Booking Deadline: 20 July

Registration/booking for the direct charter flight is now closed. The University will contact those students who have completed a registration booking by the end of July with more details.

We can not guarantee a seat for every student as this depends on demand. The University may arrange additional flights to meet the demand if necessary. If it is not possible to allocate you a seat, you will receive a full refund.

If you are refused a visa or not able to progress to the University, you will receive a refund on the cost of the flight.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough time to get your visa before the flight on the 18 September.

For more information about the flight, please contact us: