Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend

Clarendon Edition





Alfred Lammle

An opportunistic friend of Veneering, referred to as ‘a mature young gentleman’. He is an adventurer who marries Sophronia Akershem believing her to be wealthy.

Sophronia Akershem

AKA: Sophronia Lammle

Marrying Alfred Lammle for his wealth she discovers her error on their honeymoon. They join forces to dupe those who duped them. Sophronia befriends Georgiana Podsnap in order to marry her to Fledgeby. After pangs of conscious Sophronia warns the Podsnaps. Later the Lammles try to replace Bella Wilfer in the Boffin household. Boffin eventually pays them to flee overseas.

'The Happy Pair' , the most famous of Stone's illustrations of the Lammles. This depicts the scene of them walking the beach after discovering their mutual deception.









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