Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend

Clarendon Edition





Project Description

The Clarendon edition of Our Mutual Friend will, when completed, be the established, authoritative critical text of Dickens’s last completed novel. It will acknowledge and document the writer’s intentions, from manuscript through proofs and the various editions over which he exercised editorial control.

The primary feature will be the critically edited text, an ‘ideal first edition’, which will adopt a historical approach to the novel, in order to produce a text which embodies Dickens’s (extended) creative impulse. Initially this finely produced edition will be of interest as a reference work for textual scholars, literary critics, and others seeking the fullest possible documentation of Dickens’s methods and development. It will become the standard for reprinting of Our Mutual Friend.

A secondary output is this collection of web-based resources, offering users access to the digitised textual witnesses, illustrations, and collations, and an explanation of editorial methodology and a description of the tools used to compile the resource.


This website is a work in progress. Elements are added as the project develops.




This project gratefully acknowledges the support of the Arts & Humanities Research Board (AHRB) and the British Academy.