School of Politics & International Studies


Contested Meanings:
Democratic Practice and Principles across Cultural Boundaries

Workshop: 22-23 September 2005



Antje Wiener (Belfast) "Contested Meanings. Democratic Practices and Principles across Cultural Boundaries - Welcome Note and Summary"

Mark Bovens (Utrecht) “Public Accountability. A framework for the analysis and assessment of accountability arrangements in the public domain ”

Marianne van de Steeg (Utrecht) “ Multilevel governance and public accountability in Europe: Which institutions, which practices, which deficit?”

Christine Landfried (Hamburg) “Democratic Practice and Principles in European Constitution Making: Difference as a Potential”

Shane O'Neill (Belfast) “Critical Theory, Democratic Justice and Globalization ”

Jozef Niznik (Warsaw) “The Concept of Democracy in the European Integration Discourse in the Enlarged Union”

Chris Lord (Reading) “A Summary of the Methods and Findings of the Democratic Audit of the European Union”

George Ross (Brandeis) “EU at Fifty- continuity and change, a Non-Paper: Birthdays in Collective Lives ”

Iain Begg (London) “Economic policy and institutional transparency: the ECB ”

Uwe Puetter (Budapest) “Committee Governance and Close Informal Policy Dialogue among Ministers in an Enlarged EU”

Jane Jenson (Montreal) “The European Union's citizenship regime. Political and social rights in the era of new governance ”

Thomas Pfister (Belfast) “Renegotiating Labour. Implications of EU Employment Policies for the Development of Citizenship and Stateness.”