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Colloquium Talks 1999

Friday 22 January 1999 

Diagonalising matrices over exchange rings

Professor Pere Ara Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona

Friday 5 February 1999 

News on the unbounded Kleinecke-Shirovkov conjecture

Gerhard Schick Queen's University, Belfast

Tuesday 16 February 1999 

Potential theoretic characterization of balls

Ivan Netuka Charles University, Prague

Friday 26 February 1999 

Martingale transforms, the paraproduct and infinite-dimensional BMO

Dr Sandra Pott University of Edinburgh

Friday 5 March 1999 

Lie derivations on Banach algebras

Armando Villena Muņoz University of Granada

Friday 7 May 1999

Holomorphically invariant domains

Dr Pauline Mellon (NUI, Dublin)

Friday 14 May 1999 

An application of subharmonic functions in Banach algebra theory


Gerhard Schick (Queen's University, Belfast)

Friday 21 May 1999 

Automatic continuity of Lie homomorphisms

Martin Mathieu (Queen's University, Belfast)

Friday 8 October 1999

Lie Homomorphisms on Banach Algebras

Martin Mathieu (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Friday 22 October 1999

Vector Lattices of Regular Operators

Michael Elliott (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Friday 29 October 1999

Osculation Duality, Minimal Surfaces and Monopole Bundles

Anthony Small (NUI, Maynooth) 

Friday 19 November 1999 

Some thoughts on the embeddability quasi-ordering in topology

Michael Gormley (Queen’s University, Belfast)

Friday 26 November 1999

Cohomology of Hopf C*-algebras

Chi-Keung Ng (Oxford)

Friday 10 December 1999 


Pere Ara (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona