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Colloquium Talks 2000

Friday 11 February 2000 

Inverse limits and automatic continuity

Graham Allen (University of Cambridge)

Friday 18 February 2000 

A method of constructing groups

Martin Newell (NUI Galway)

Friday 25 February 2000 

An entire function associated with a harmonic function

David Armitage (QUB)

Friday 3 March 2000 

Borel sets and weak separation axioms

Joseph Lo (University of Oxford)

Friday 10 March 2000 

An interim report on spectrally bounded operators

Gerhard Schick (QUB)UB)

Thursday 23 March 2000 

Whales and the orthocompletion

Gerard J Buskes (University of Mississippi)

Friday 24 March 2000 

Nontangential limits and fine limits

Stephen Gardiner (NUI Dublin)

Queen's Functional Analysis Seminar

Monday 27 March 2000                    2:30pm           (Tea/Coffee at 2:00pm)

The projective tensor product of Banach lattices

Gerard J Buskes (University of Mississippi)

Friday 31 March 2000

Pervasive spaces of functions

Anthony G O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth)

Friday 7 April 2000                 4:00pm              (Tea/Coffee at 3:30pm)

Average orders of divisor functions

Professor Gautami Bhowmik (Universite de Lille)

Friday 12 May 2000               2:00 pm 

Down-Up algebras and their representation theory

Paula Alexandra de Almeida Bastos Carvalho Lomp (Universidade do Porto)

Tea/Coffee at 3pm 

Primeness conditions of modules applied to Hopf algebras         3:30pm

Christian Lomp (Universidade do Porto)

Friday 19 May 2000 

An answer to a question by Deddens

Martin Mathieu (QUB)

Friday 6 October 2000

Amenability of the measure algebra of a locally compact group 

Fereidoun Ghahramani (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Professor Ghahramani's visit was supported by the London Mathematical Society.

Friday 20 October 2000 

Factorization results for matrices with integer entries

Thomas J. Laffey (NUI Dublin)

Friday 27 October 2000 

Aspects of splittability

Brian McMaster (QUB)

Friday 10 November 2000 

Gromov hyperbolicity

Steve Buckley (NUI Maynooth)

Friday 17 November 2000

A clinical application of metric spaces

Colin Turner (University of Ulster)


Friday 24 November 2000

When are spectrally bounded operators Jordan homomorphisms?

Gerhard Schick (QUB)

Friday 8 December 2000 Room 1015, David Bates Building 2:00pm 

The norm problem for elementary operators

Martin Mathieu (QUB)