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Colloquium Talks 2001

Friday 12 January 2001 

Applications of Set Theory to General Topology

Lorenz Halbeisen (ETH Zürich)

Friday 9 February 2001 

The bounded spectrum as a Riemann domain

Milena Venkova (NUI Dublin)

Friday 16 February 2001

De Paepe's disc has non-trivial polynomial hull

Alejandro Sanabria (NUI Maynooth)

Friday 23 February 2001 

Banach algebras of symmetric analytic functions

Richard Aron (Kent State University and Trinity College Dublin)

Friday 2 March 2001               4:00pm              Note different time!

A closure operation in rings 

Francesc Perera (QUB)

Friday 1 March 2002

Notes from the book, I: Central bimodule homomorphisms of C*-algebras

Martin Mathieu (QUB)

Friday 9 March 2001 

A parabolic approach to uniqueness of positive solutions to elliptic equations 

Minoru Murata (Tokyo IT)

Friday 16 March 2001 

The norm of an inner derivation

John Holland (QUB) 

Friday 6 April 2001

Harmonic Monsters

David H Armitage (QUB) 

Friday 4 May 2001

Locally compact quantum groups

Stefaan Vaes (Leuven) 

Friday 11 May 2001 

Semi-compact operators

Michael Elliott (QUB)

Friday 25 May 2001 

Harmonic analogues for a theorem of Polya 

Joseph Sutherland (QUB)

Friday 15 June 2001 

Completely bounded comodules

Chi-Keung Ng (QUB) 

Friday 22 June 2001 

Generalized notions of amenability

Rick Loy (Australian National University Canberra)

Professor Loy's visit was supported by the London Mathematical Society.

Friday 7 September 2001 

Some Results on Projections of Planar Sets

D K Ganguly (University of Calcutta)       

Friday 5 October 2001 

Making Doughnuts with Silver Reals. Part I: Getting Prepared                

Lorenz Halbeisen (QUB)

Friday 12 October 2001 

No Seminar

Friday 19 October 2001 

Making Doughnuts with Silver Reals. Part II: The Deep Fry

Lorenz Halbeisen (QUB)

Friday 26 October 2001

Decrease of Bounded Analytic Functions along Discrete Sets

Jordi Pau (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona & UCD)


Friday 2 November 2001 

On Simplicity of Crossed Products

Chi-Keung Ng (QUB)


Friday 9 November 2001 

Constructability and Minimal Topologies

Declan McCartan (QUB)

Friday 16 November 2001 

No Seminar

Friday 23 November 2001 

Norm Estimates for the Jacobson-McCrimmon Operator

John Holland (QUB)

Friday 30 November 2001

Norm Attaining Operators on C*-Algebras

Armando R Villena (Universidad de Granada)

Friday 7 December 2001 

No seminar

Friday 14 December 2001             4.00 p.m.

Foundational Aspects of Stochastic Games                      

Benedikt Loewe (University of Bonn)