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Colloquium Talks 2002

Friday 1 February 2002      

A combinatorial problem arising from taking photographs       

Chi-Keung Ng (QUB)  

Wednesday 6 February 2002 

Dense normality - an elementary counterexample         

Aisling McCluskey (NUI, Galway)

Friday 15 February 2002  

A characterization of Morita equivalence pairs               

Ivan Todorov (QUB)

Friday 22 February 2002        

Maximal theorems of Menchoff-Rademacher type in non-commutative Lp-spaces 

Andreas Defant (Univ. of Oldenburg)     

Friday 1 March 2002

Notes from the book, I: Central bimodule homomorphisms of C*-algebras           

Martin Mathieu (QUB)

Friday 8 March 2002

Stable finiteness of group rings in arbitrary characteristic                    

Francesc Perera (QUB)

Friday 22 March 2002

The Dirichlet problem when the boundary function is entire           

David H Armitage (QUB)

Friday 19 April 2002

Additive derivations and primitive ideals                    

Nadia Boudi (Univ. Tetouan)

Friday 26 April 2002 

Notes from the Book, II: C*-Algebras Satisfying Polynomial Identities                  

Martin Mathieu (QUB) 

Friday 3 May 2002                 

From Hausdorff's paradox to the brink of absurdity           

Lorenz Halbeisen (QUB)       

Friday 10 May 2002  

The exchange property for translation algebras

Pere Ara (Univ. Autonoma de Barcelona)

Friday 17 May 2002              

Computing the norms of elementary operators                  

Richard Timoney (TCD) 

Friday 31 May 2002               

Group actions on treelike objects

Shane O'Rourke (UCC)               

Friday 27 September 2002                      

Recent progress on spectrally bounded operators            

Martin Mathieu (QUB)        

Friday 4 October 2002         

Forcing characterizations of regularity statements       

Benedikt Löwe (University of Bonn)

Friday 11 October 2002             

On The Completely Bounded Norm of M_{a,b}+M_{b,a}

John Holland (QUB)

Thursday 17 October 2002  2.45 pm       Note different date and time!

Convexity in Spectral Theory

Gert K. Pedersen (University of Copenhagen)

Friday 18 October 2002                    

Geometric properties of soliton solutions of the mean curvature flow      

Norbert Hungerbühler (University of Fribourg)           

Friday 25 October 2002                

Traces on properly infinite Banach *-algebras          

Niels Jakob Laustsen (University of Copenhagen)                

Friday 1 November 2002       

Beurling's minimum principle for positive harmonic functions on a cone

Hidenobu Yoshida (Chiba University)

Friday 8 November 2002

Boundary invariance conditions for operator valued analytic maps        

László Zsidó (Seconda Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")

Friday 15 November 2002       

Overconvergence of harmonic polynomial expansions

David Armitage (QUB)

Friday 22 November 2002       

Rings of quotients and Fountain-Gould orders          

Mercedes Siles (Universidad de Málaga)

Friday 29 November 2002       

More on dense normality of Sorgenfrei powers

Brian McMaster (QUB)

Friday 6 December 2002       

On the universality problem of uniform Eberlein compacta              

Mirna Dzamonja (University of East Anglia)