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Colloquium Talks 2003

Friday 7 February 2003 

Monoids of intervals of refinement monoids                 

Francisco Ortus (Univerdad de Cádiz)

Friday 14 February 2003 

Second duals of Banach algebras                                

Garth Dales (University of Leeds)

Friday 21 February 2003                      4.00 pm         Note different time!

Noncommutative geometry - some philosophy, some sociology, some examples          

Ken Brown (University of Glasgow)

Friday 28 February 2003 

Embbeding simple ordered groups into simple Riesz groups            

Enric Pardo (Univerdad de Cádiz) 

Friday 7 March 2003

Toward a Nullstellensatz for continuum theory                               

Paul Bankston (Marquette University) 

Friday 14 March 2003 

Combinatorial properties of ideals over the set of natural numbers

Pierre Matet (Université de Caen)

Friday 21 March 2003

C1 extension of superharmonic functions

Anders Gustafsson (University College, Dublin)

Friday 28 March 2003 

Spectral Isometries                                         

Martin Mathieu (QUB)

Friday 4 April 2003 

Perfect set theorems                                    
Otmar Spinas (University of Kiel)

Friday 2 May 2003 

What Topology can say about Quasiperiodicity                       

John Hunton (University of Leicester)

Friday 9 May 2003 

Isoperimetric inequalities in the grid

Imre Leader (University of Cambridge)

Friday 16 May 2003                                                              

Approximating spaces by finite ones

Ralph Kopperman (City College, CUNY and Oxford Math. Inst.)

Friday 6 June 2003                   2.15 pm    Later starting time!    

On the asymmetry between measure and category           

Tomek Bartoszynsky (Boise State University, Idaho, USA)


Tea/Coffee at 3.15 pm


Automatic continuity of nonlinear mappings                     3.45 pm

Anatolij Plichko (Pedagogical University, Kirovograd, Ukraine)

Friday 13 June 2003                 4.00 pm         Note different time!                                              

Error Correcting Codes, Sphere Packings and the Varshamov Bound

Katie O'Brien (UCC)

Friday 3 October 2003                     

Function spaces and metrisation                 

Andrew Marsh (University of Pittsburgh)     

Friday 10 October 2003                       

Bases in Banach spaces from a set-theoretical point of view       

Lorenz Halbeisen (Queen's University Belfast)   

Friday 17 October 2003                           

Topological radicals: problems and results            

Victor Shulman (Vologda State Technical University)

Friday 24 October 2003

Schur multipliers and representations of C*-algebras          

Victor Shulman (Vologda State Technical University)

Friday 31 October 2003                 

Normalisers, ternary rings of operators and reflexivity      

Ivan Todorov (Queen's University Belfast)

Friday 7 November 2003         4.00 pm       Note different time!        

Contractive projections on Banach spaces                 

Cho-Ho Chu (Queen Mary College)    

Friday 14 November 2003      

On k-hyperreflexivity of subspaces              

Kamila Kliś (Agricultural University of Krakow)

Friday 21 November 2003

No seminar

Friday 28 November 2003         

Universal Taylor Series     at 2.00 p.m.                       

Georgios Costakis (University of Edinburgh)  

Tea/Coffee at 3.15 p.m.

Commutators with finite spectrum     at 4. 00 p.m.         

Martin Mathieu (Queen's University Belfast)

Friday 5 December 2003    

Maximal left quotient algebras                                

Gonzalo Aranda (Universidad de Málaga/Queen's University Belfast)

Friday 12 December 2003      

Masa bimodules, their morphisms and "diagonals": a survey

Aristides Katavolos (University of Athens)