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Colloquium Talks 2005

Date Speaker Institution Title
Friday 21 January Baptiste Calmes Universite Paris 7 Higher Witt Groups
Friday 4 February Frank Neumann Leicester On the algebraic K-theory of the category of unstable modules over the Steenrod Algebra
Friday 11 February Delaram Kahrobaei St Andrews Residually-soluble-by-soluble groups
Friday 18 February Joe Habgood Queen's University Belfast Schur products and bimodule maps
Friday 25 February Remo V Huegli University College Dublin Ortho-collinear grids and contractive projections
Friday 11 March Sandra Pott Glasgow Product spaces of functions of bounded mean oscillation and operator space structures
Friday 18 March Rob Archbold Aberdeen Strength of convergence in the orbit space of a transformation group
Friday 18 March (4pm) Jan Stochel Jagiellonian University, Krakow Three term recurrence relation modulo an ideal and orthogonality of polynomials of several variables
Friday 22 April Alexander Grigorash University of Ulster Random polynomials: probability first, algebra second?
Friday 29 April Anthony Wickstead Queen's University Belfast Order and algebra isomorphisms of spaces of regular operators
Friday 6 May Zuhong Zhang Queen's University Belfast Sandwich classification theorem
Friday 20 May Hourong Qin Nanjing The 2-Sylow subgroup of $K_2O_F$ for quadratic fields
Friday 7 October Ivan Todorov Queen's University Belfast Collections of compact operators
Friday 14 October Martin Mathieu Queen's University Belfast Answering a question of G K Pedersen
Friday 21 October Matt Daws St John's College, Oxford Dual Banach algebras and Connes-amenability
Friday 28 October Roozbeh Hazrat Queen's University Belfast Homology of general linear groups
Friday 4 November Robert Wilson Queen's University Belfast A decomposition theorem for $CK_1$ of central simple algebras
Friday 11 November Ramesh Sreekantan Max Planck/Tata Conjectures on special values of L-functions
Friday 18 November Niels Laustsen Lancaster K-theory for Banach *-algebras
Friday 18 November (4pm) W Zelasko Polish Academy of Sciences A short history of Polish mathematics
Friday 25 November Andras Zsak Cambridge Embedding asymptotically $\ell_p$ Banach spaces into asymptotically $\ell_p$ FDD's
Friday 2 December Kevin Hutchinson University College, Dublin Relations among elementary matrices and number theory
Friday 9 December Eduard Ortega Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Maximal symmetric ring of quotients and Morita equivalence