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Colloquium Talks 2006

Date Speaker Institution Title
Wednesday 1 February Igor Petrushko Moscow Institute of Power Engineering The behaviour near the boundary of the solution of a second order elliptic equation and elliptic equation degenerate on some part of the boundary
Thursday 2 February Vladimir Yudin Moscow Power Engineering Institute Extremal problems for harmonic polynomials and their applications
Thursday 2 February (4pm) Nikolai Vavilov State University of Saint Petersburg Structure of Chevalley groups: the proof from the book
Friday 10 February David Armitage Queen's University Belfast Boundary behaviour of universal Taylor series
Friday 17 February Pere Ara Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona The regular ring of a quiver
Friday 24 February Joe Habgood Queen's University Belfast Continuity for supports of masa bimodules
Friday 3 March Cancelled
Friday 10 March Thomas Ransford Laval and Oxford Additive maps preserving local spectrum
Friday 10 March (4pm) Mihalis Anoussis University of the Aegean Applications of a spectral radius formula to random walks on compact groups
Friday 24 March Garth Dales Leeds Amenability of semigroup algebras
Friday 31 March Stephen Gardiner University College Dublin Potential theory of the farthest point distance function
Friday 28 April Olga Maleva Cambridge Unavoidable sigma-porous sets
Friday 12 May Chris Good Birmingham Characterising continuous functions on compact spaces
Friday 19 May Iain Gordon Glasgow Noncommutative algebra and algebraic symplectic geometry
Friday 26 May Niels Gronbaek Copenhagen Cohomology of Banach algebras of operators on a Banach space
Friday 6 October Charles Read Leeds On the hypercyclicity problem
Friday 13 October Detta Dickinson NUI Maynooth Diophantine approximation on polynomial surfaces
Friday 20 October Agata Smoktunowicz Glasgow On some non-commutative rings
Friday 27 October Joel Feinstein Nottingham Banach function algebras with dense invertible group
Friday 3 November Chris Calder Queen's University Belfast Weakened versions of normality in topological spaces
Friday 10 November Sophie Huczynska St Andrews The strong primitive normal basis theorem
Friday 17 November Vitaliy Kurtin Liverpool Solving exponential equations in Lie algebras
Friday 24 November Yemon Choi Newcastle Hochschild homology for $\ell_1$-semigroup algebras
Friday 24 November (4pm) Jesus Araujo Gomez Universidad de Cantabria The non-compact Banach-Stone theorem
Friday 1 December Rupert Levene Queen's University Belfast Subspace manifolds