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Colloquium Talks 2010

Unless otherwise stated, all talks take place at 2pm in room 01.006  of the New David Bates Building. Refreshments are served in room 01.040 immediately afterwards.  If an abstract of the talk is available it may be read by clicking the title.

All are welcome!

5 February 2010Stanislav ShkarinQueen's University BelfastHypercyclic finite rank perturbations of unitary operators
12 February 2010 Alastair Craw University of Glasgow
Quiver representations in algebraic geometry
19 February 2010 Hung Le PhamVictoria University of Wellington, New ZealandMulti-norms and amenability
26 February 2010 Götz PfeifferNational University of Ireland, GalwayPresentations of certain subalgebras of group algebras
5 March 2010Stanislav ShkarinQueen's University Belfast On operators commuting with the Volterra operator
12 March 2010Jonathan WoolfUniversity of Liverpool Transversal homotopy theory
19 March 2010Paul Mitchener University of SheffieldC*-algebras, C*-categories, and functors
26 March 2010Marcus Greferath  University College DublinSome new insight into the algebraic representation of Best's (10,40,4) code
23 April 2010Jonathan Partington University of LeedsUniversal Operators
30 April 2010Matthew DawsUniversity of LeedsQuantum groups via Operator algebras
7 May 2010Jelena GrbicUniversity of ManchesterThe homotopy theory of moment-angle complexes
8 October 2010Thomas HuettemannQueen's University BelfastHow to count lattice points with line bundles
15 October 2010David LewisUniversity College DublinAutomorphisms and involutions of incidence algebras
22 October 2010Bernd KreusslerMary Immaculate CollegeMeans, Braids and Triangle Equations
29 October 2010Frank NeumannUniversity of LeicesterWeil conjectures for the moduli stack of vector bundles on algebraic curves
5 November 2010Michael TuiteUniversity of Galway Combinatorics of bosonic strings on Riemann surfaces
12 November 2010Bill Crawley-BoeveyUniversity of Leeds Links between representations of quivers and Fuchsian differential equations
19 November 2010Wilhelm WinterUniversity of NottinghamAlgebraic and topological regularity properties of nuclear C*-algebras
26 November 2010Miles ReidUniversity of Warwick Rings and varieties
3 December 2010Jukka KauppiUniversity of OuluOn dense subalgebras of commutative C*-algebras
10 December 2010Edwin BeggsUniversity of SwanseaRank one modules (line modules) in noncommutative geometry
17 December 2010David QuinnQueen's University of BelfastKoszul incidence algebras of acyclic categories