14th Galway Topology Colloquium

Queen's University Belfast
15th to 17th August 2011
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The Colloquia series was established in Galway in 1997 and has since rotated annually between the centres of (set theoretic and general) topological research in Ireland and the UK. Its particular focus is on the active participation of all who attend to promote a spirit of training, learning and communicating. The atmosphere is informal and graduate students are especially encouraged to attend and to contribute a talk of topological content, whether on established classical results, techniques or research, recent or otherwise. The third and ninth in the series were held in QUB and the occasion of the fourteenth serves a dual purpose by also celebrating the mathematical life of Brian McMaster in advance of his impending retirement from paid employment at QUB. Not, he insists, from working there though!

Invited speakers:

Alexander Arhangel’skii (Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA) Remainders of varous kinds of spaces in compactifications

Paul Bankston (Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA)  A framework for characterising topological spaces

Paul Gartside (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) Strongly arcwise connected continua

Jan van Mill
(Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
Topological homogeneity

Ivan Reilly (University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand) A topological anti-hero

Dona Strauss (University of Leeds, UK) The algebra of βN and polynomial returns

The conference dinner, which will double up as Brian's retirement dinner, will be held on the evening of Monday, 15th August in the university's Great Hall

We gratefully acknowledge financial assistance from the London Mathematical Society and the Irish Mathematical Society

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Financial Assistance

We have a limited amount of money available to provide financial assistance to participants from Africa or the former Soviet Union or  to research students from the UK or Ireland. To apply, please send an email to galway14@qub.ac.uk. Any financial assistance will be paid on arrival at the colloquium and registration and other payments should be made in advance as normal. You should not expect any financial aid to be more than £200 at most.


We have arranged accommodation in en-suite university accommodation, including a cooked breakfast and wired internet access, at a very competitive price. This will, of course be rather basic and only single rooms are available. Access is not particularly friendly for disabled or frail participants. Please feel free to make alternative arrangements if this kind of accommodation does not suit you, but I would appreciate an email to galway14@qub.ac.uk to let me know that you have done so. Some alternatives within easy walking distance that you might wish to consider are

Bienvenue Guest House

Crescent Town House

Dukes at Queens

Holiday Inn Express

Madison's Hotel

Marine Guest House

Tara Lodge

Wellington Park Hotel


Belfast is served by two airports, Belfast International Airport (BFS) which Aer Lingus, Continental Airlines ((United), EasyJet and Jet2 use and Belfast City Airport (BHD) which Bmi, EasyJet, Flybe and Manx2 use. Belfast City Airport is situated to the north of the city whilst QUB is slightly south of the centre. A taxi to the university area will cost around £7. Belfast International Airport is approximately 17 miles (27km) from the centre of Belfast.


The currency in use in Northern Ireland is the British Pound Sterling. Although some larger stores will accept the Euro, smaller stores, taxis, bars etc will not. Both of the Belfast airports have a Bureau du Change, but the only places that you can exchange currency easily in the university area are banks, which open Monday to Friday from around 9:30am to 3:30pm most days. 


As Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, if you are not an EU passport holder then you should check at UKvisas whether you need a visa for UK entry and to find out how to apply for one. Please note that the UK is not part of the Schengen Agreement.  If you are planning to travel within or through the Republic of Ireland as part of your visit to Ireland, you should check with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service whether or not you need a visa for the Republic of Ireland and to find out how to apply for one.


Maps and Tourist Information

The main Queens University Belfast web site has a wide selection of relevant maps, ranging from a map of the university campus to one showing the relationship of Belfast to nearby parts of the British Isles.  Here also is a more detailed map of central Belfast.

There is plenty of tourist information about the island of Ireland available on the web. These are good starting points for Northern Ireland (or look here for downloadable Maps and Brochures) and for the Republic of Ireland (with Brochures being available here).

All Participants

Alexander Arhangel’skii  Remainders of varous kinds of spaces in compactifications

Paul Bankston  A framework for characterising topological spaces

Chanchal Kumar Basu Uniformizable subtopology and disconnectedness

Will Brian

Jorge Bruno Automorphism groups of minimal T_D topologies

Gareth Davies

Godwin O.S. Ekhaguere

Paul Gartside Strongly arcwise connected continua

K.P. Hart $\omega^*$ and $\omega_1^*$

Shari Levine Cleavability and linear orderability

Richard Lupton  Types of 2-tactics in the Choquet game under CH and MA+¬CH

Sergio Macias  On $n$-fold hyperspace suspensions

Aisling McCluskey  On topologies on $X$ as points within $2^{\mathcal{P}(X)}$

Stuart McKenzie

Brian McMaster

Jan van Mill Topological homogeneity

Yasser F. Ortiz-Castillo Compactness like properties on hyperspaces

Kyriakos Papadopolous Nests and orderings

Ivan Reilly  A topological anti-hero

Naomi Steen

Dona Strauss The algebra of βN and polynomial returns

Rolf Suabedissen Graph Theory and Topology

Angel Tamariz-Mascarua Independent Families and Resolvability

Anthony Wickstead

Scott Williams  Box Products and Uniform Box Products

Location of Activities

The conference itself will be held in room 0G.005 of the David Bates Building in Queen's University Belfast. which is labelled (10) on the campus map.  This room is fairly flexible. The front is liberally provided with blackboards and there are two motorized screens, so the options for talks are:

All blackboard
Data projector plus blackboard
Overhead projector plus blackboard
Overhead projector plus data projector
Two overhead projectors

 If you are planning to use  the  data projector, the easiest option is to bring your talk on a  memory stick and copy it to the local PC. That PC does not have internet access, so if you need to download the talk from somewhere, arrange it with me, Tony Wickstead, in advance of your talk.

Those participants who have booked accomodation with the university should proceed directly to the Elms Village reception at (38) on the campus map.  The reception desk is staffed 24 hours a day and will provide keys, information on the location and timing of breakfast and a code for wifi usage.

The conference dinner and the preceding reception will be held in the university's Great Hall, located at (1s) on the campus map.

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