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Plenary Speakers
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The Plenary Speakers at BMC 2004 are listed below. (To find their slot in the programme,
click on the name, to access the abstract, click on the title.)

All Plenary Lectures are in Room G06 in the Peter Froggatt Centre.

Alexander Kechris  (CalTech at Pasadena):    Fraïssé limits, Ramsey theory, and topological dynamics of
                                                                                 automorphism groups

Samuel Patterson  (Universität Göttingen):    Squaring circles and circling squares Gauss' circle problem

Gilles Pisier  (Université Paris VI and Texas A&M, College Station):   
                                     Factorization of completely bounded maps on exact C*-algebras and operator spaces

Claudio Procesi  (Università di Roma La Sapienza):   
                                                                        The role of the Cayley-Hamilton identity in representation theory

Efim Zelmanov  (University of California at San Diego):    On large pro-p groups

Günter Ziegler  (Technische Universität Berlin):    On the combinatorics of the 3-sphere



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