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The 12 Morning Speakers at BMC 2004 are listed below. (To find their slot in the programme,
click on the name, to access the abstract, click on the title.)

Stephen Buckley (NUI Maynooth):        Gromov hyperbolicity for analysts

Keith Carne (Cambridge):        How an analytic function changes the length of a radius

Tom Carroll (NUI Cork):    Harmonic measure in parabola-shaped regions in Rn

Sean Dineen (NUI Dublin):        Banach-valued spectra

Graham  Ellis (NUI Galway):    Polytopes and the cohomology of groups

Stephen Huggett (Plymouth):     Tutte polynomials of links, graphs, and matroids

Robert Marsh (Leicester):    Cluster algebras and tilting theory

Sergei Merkulov (Stockholm):    Infinity constructions of local geometries

Götz Pfeiffer (NUI Galway):    Subgroups and cosets in finite coxeter groups

Sandra Pott (York):    Admissibility of observation operators and vector BMO functions

Mary Rees (Liverpool):    Dynamics and automatic structure of groups

Alastair Wood (Dublin City Univ):
The influence of G. G. Stokes on the modern asymptotic theory of differential equations



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