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Splinter Groups
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There will be a large variety of Splinter Groups ("contributed talks") as part of the BMC 2004 programme.
(You will need the code letters in brackets ( ) for the registration form.)

Names in square brackets [ ] give the co-ordinators of the individual Splinter Group.

Each registered participant is invited to contribute a talk to a Splinter Group of her/his choice. If you wish to give a talk, please indicate this on the registration form in the appropriate field (using the reference code). You should also submit the title and abstract of your proposed talk to the abstract server (see instructions under Registration). We will compile the requests and send them on to the respective co-ordinator of the Splinter Group who will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Deadline for inclusion of abstracts in the Programme Booklet was 22 March 2004.

As can be seen from the Splinter Group Programme, almost all slots are filled (as of 28 March 2004).
If you want to offer a talk in a group which is not full yet, please indicate this at registration upon arrival.

   Click on Group to see the schedule.

    Please note:  All the lecture rooms are equipped with overhead projector and whiteboard (no blackboards!)

            Algebraic Geometry  (AG)


            Algebraic Topology  (AT)

[Prof John Greenlees (Univ Sheffield)]  

            Complex Analysis  (CA)

[Prof Anthony O'Farrell (NUI Maynooth)]  

            Differential Equations  (DE)

[Prof Alastair Wood  (DCU)]  

            Differential Geometry  (DG)

[Dr David Wraith (NUI Maynooth)]  
         Discrete Mathematics  (DM) [Dr Alex Scott (UCL)]  

            Functional Analysis  (FA)

[Prof Sean Dineen  (UCD)]  

            General Topology  (GT)   

[Dr Brian McMaster  (QUB)]  

            Group Theory  (GrT)

[Prof Robert T Curtis (Birmingham)]  

            History of Mathematics  (HM)

[Prof David Armitage  (QUB)]  

            Lie Groups and Representation Theory  (LG)

[Dr Goetz Pfeiffer  (NUI Galway)]  

            Logic and Set Theory  (LS)

[Dr Brian McMaster  (QUB)]  

            Mathematical Education  (ME)

[Dr Maria Meehan (UCD)]  

            Mathematical Physics  (MP)

[Dr Martin Mathieu  (QUB)]  

            Number Theory  (NT)

[Prof Samuel Patterson  (Gttingen)]  

            Real Analysis  (RA)

[Dr Graham Jameson (Lancaster)]  

            Ring Theory  (RT)

[Prof Kenneth Brown (Glasgow)]  


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