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Funded Postgraduate Opportunities for Autumn 2013

This page provides basic information on undertaking a PhD in Pure Mathematics at Queen’s University Belfast. Interested students should, in the first place, contact the Postgraduate Advisor of Studies Dr Mathieu at m.m@qub.ac.uk and, at the same time, a staff member who has proposed one of the projects below (see http://www.qub.ac.uk/puremaths/Staff/Staff.html for a list of e-mail addresses).

It is imperative that you make contact with a potential supervisor before putting in any application to the University since doing a PhD is essentially a joint research project in which you achieve new results under the guidance of an experienced scientist. Simultaneously, you should contact the Director of the Pure Mathematics Research Centre, Dr Ivan Todorov (i.todorov@qub.ac.uk), to clarify the funding possibilities for the project(s) you wish to apply for.

The following are the PhD projects that will be available from September 2013, as they are currently offered by academic staff. Click on the project title for a description.

Rational SO(3)-equivariant cohomology theories (Dr David Barnes) 

Approximate amenability of Banach operator algebras (Dr Ariel Blanco)

Ideal structure of algebras of regular operators
(Dr Ariel Blanco)

Finiteness conditions in algebra and topology
(Dr Thomas Huettemann)

Projective spaces in homotopy theory (Dr Thomas Huettemann)

Operator theory on C*-algebras (Dr Martin Mathieu)

Quadratic algebras and Golod-Shafarevich estimates (Dr Stanislav Shkarin)

Cyclicity-type properties of linear operators (Dr Stanislav Shkarin)

Continuous graphs (Dr Ivan Todorov)

Multipliers of dynamical systems
(Dr Ivan Todorov)

The projects listed above are not exclusive. If you have a project of your own then you should contact a possible supervisor about its viability

Applications (for both funding and admission) should be made online at https://dap.qub.ac.uk/portal/user/u_login.php by Friday 1st February 2013.
(At this URL further information on Postgraduate Admission can be found.)

Please note that the above-stated deadline only applies if you apply for both admission and funding. In case you can be funded through other means than DEL (for details see below), you can apply anytime as long as a project is still available (check with both the potential supervisor and the Postgraduate Advisor of Studies). Your application will have to be made through the above link in any case.


The Pure Mathematics Research Centre will be able to offer at least one EPSRC award and at least one award from the Department for  Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland. These awards are tenable by any EU citizen who was ordinarily resident in the UK throughout the three year period immediately preceding the start of the studentship, including for the purpose of attending a full-time course of education.  The awards cover fees plus a maintenance component which, in 2012-13, was 13,590 per annum. See here for more details of eligibility. Applicants should, normally, be expected to obtain a relevant first class MMath/MSci degree.  Applicants who did not undertake their first degree in QUB will be eligible to apply for the Purser Studentship which pays an extra 1,000 a year for three years. For details of this studentship, please contact Dr. Ivan Todorov at i.todorov@qub.ac.uk.

More information on funding of a PhD can be found at  http://www.qub.ac.uk/home/Research/PostgraduateCentre/PostgraduateAwards/ and a fairly comprehensive list of funding institutions is available at  http://www.postgraduatestudentships.co.uk/node/1922/funding/pgr/general. Although many of these awards may not apply in your case, there is a possibility that, depending on your personal circumstances, e.g. your nationality, one of these awards may provide an alternative to a DEL award so it is worthwhile studying this list in detail. (Not all of the links in this list may be relevant for PhD courses in Pure Mathematics.)

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