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15/2005 Permissible growth rates for Birkhoff type universal harmonic functions
D H Armitage
14/2005 Boundary behavior of universal Taylor series and their derivatives D H Armitage and G Costakis
13/2005 Entire functions that tend to zero on every line D H Armitage
12/2005 Lattices of projections and operator ranges in $C^*$-algebras M Anoussis, V Felouzis and I G Todorov
11/2005 Contractive projections in $C^*$-algebras M Anoussis, A Katavalos and I G Todorov
10/2005 Towards a non-selfadjoint version of Kadison's theorem M Mathieu
9/2005 A not so simple local multiplier algebra P Ara and M Mathieu
8/2005 Invariant sublattices for positive operators A K Kitover and A W Wickstead
7/2005 On a question arising from Hindman's theorem L Halbeisen
6/2005 On maps that preserve orthogonality in normed spaces A Blanco and A Turnšek
5/2005 Operator norm limits of order continuous operators A K Kitover and A W Wickstead
4/2005 Order and algebra isomorphisms of spaces of regular operators A W Wickstead
3/2005 A playful approach to Silver and Mathias forcings L Halbeisen
2/2005 Minimal generating sets of groups, rings and fields L Halbeisen, M Hamilton and P Ružicka
1/2005 Families of almost disjoint Hamel bases L Halbeisen