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11/2006 Homology of $GL_n$ over algebraically closed fields B Mirzaii
10/2006 The determination of a polyharmonic function by its sign D H Armitage
9/2006 Convergence of bimodules over maximal abelian selfadjoint algebras J L Habgood and I G Todorov
8/2006 Bak's work on lower K-theory or rings R Hazrat and N Vavilov
7/2006 Stable sandwich classification theorem for classical-like groups Z Zhang
6/2006 An isomorphic version of Nakano's characterisation of $C_0(\Sigma)$ A W Wickstead
5/2006 Operators between Banach lattices A W Wickstead
4/2006 Spectral isometries II M Mathieu and C Ruddy
3/2006 Jordan isomorphism of purely infinite $C^*$-algebras Y-F Lin and M Mathieu
2/2006 The Weyl calculus: finite dimensional aspects M Mathieu and W J Ricker
1/2006 Convergence of bimodule projections J L Habgood and I G Todorov