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7/2007 Multidimensional operator multipliers K. Juschenko, I.G. Todorov and L. Turowska
6/2007 Angles in $C^*$-algebras M. Anoussis, A. Katavolos and I.G. Todorov
5/2007 On the topological stable rank of non-selfadjoint operator algebras
K R Davidson, R H Levene, L W Marcoux and H Radjavi
4/2007 Manifolds of Hilbert space projections R H Levene and S C Power
3/2007 Third homology of general linear groups B Mirzaii
2/2007 Maximal $C^*$-algebras of quotients and injective envelopes of $C^*$-algebras P Ara and M Mathieu
1/2007 The local multiplier algebra: blending noncommutative ring theory and functional analysis M Mathieu