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1/2008 SK1 of Azumaya algebras over Hensel Pairs R. Hazrat
2/2008 The representation theory of the Jordanian algebra N.K. Iyudu
3/2008 Graphs of relations and Hilbert series P. Cameron and N. Iyudu
4/2008 Twisted diagrams and homotopy sheaves T. Hüttemann and O. Röndigs
5/2008 Bak's work on K-theory of rings (with an appendix by Max Karoubi) R. Hazrat and N. Vavilov
6/2008 The maximal C*-algebra of quotients as an operator bimodule P.Ara, M. Mathieu and E. Ortega
7/2008 On the derived category of toric varieties T. Hüttemann
8/2008 Compactness properties of operator multipliers K. Juschenko, R.H. Levene, I.G. Todorov and L. Turowska
9/2008 A collection of problems on spectrally bounded operators M. Mathieu
10/2008 Banach lattices with topologically full centre A.W. Wickstead
11/2008 Separable Banach lattices with an extended $\alpha$-norm A.W. Wickstead
12/2008 S-numbers of elementary operators on C*-algebras M. Anoussis, V. Felouzis and I.G. Todorov
13/2008 Multipliers of multidimensional Fourier algebras I.G. Todorov and L. Turowska
14/2008 A note on K-theory of Azumaya algebras R. Hazrat and J.R. Millar
15/2008 Vector lattices of almost polynomial sequences A.W. Wickstead
16/2008 SK1 of graded division algebras R. Hazrat and A.R. Wadsworth