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1/2009 Normalisers, nest algebras and tensor products M. McGarvey and I.G. Todorov
2/2009 Stable isomorphism of dual operator spaces G.K. Eleftherakis, V.I. Paulsen and I.G. Todorov
3/2009 Operator system structures on ordered spaces V.I. Paulsen, I.G. Todorov and M. Tomforde
4/2009 Vector lattices of almost polynomial functions A.W. Wickstead
5/2009 Sheaves of C*-algebras P. Ara and M. Mathieu
6/2009 Two-dimensional Banach spaces with polynomial numerical index zero D. Garca, B.C. Grecu, M. Maestre, M. Martn and J. Mer
7/2009 Positive almost Dunford-Pettis operators and their duality B. Aqzzouz, A. Elbour and A.W. Wickstead
8/2009 Compactness of L-weakly and M-weakly compact operators on Banach lattices B. Aqzzouz, A. Elbour and A.W. Wickstead
9/2009 On graded simple algebras R. Hazrat and J. Millar
10/2009 Relative unitary commutator calculus and applications R. Hazrat, N. Vavilov and Z. Zhang
11/2009 Schur and operator multipliers I.G. Todorov and L. Turowska