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1/2010 Elementary operators that are spectrally bounded
N. Boudi and M. Mathieu
2/2010 Tensor products of operator systems A. Kavruk, V.I. Paulsen, I.G. Todorov and M Tomforde
3/2010 When is the second local multiplier algebra of a C*-algebra equal to the first? P. Ara and M. Mathieu
4/2010 Separable Banach lattices on which every bounded linear operator is regular A.W. Wickstead
5/2010 When are all bounded operators between classical Banach lattices regular? A.W. Wickstead
6/2010 The graded structure of Leavitt path algebras R. Hazrat
7/2010 A splitting result for the algebraic K-theory of projective toric schemes T. Huettemann
8/2010 Operator hyperreflexivity of subspace lattices J. Bračič, K.  Kliś-Garlicka , V. Mller and I. G. Todorov
9/2010 Schur and operator multipliers I. G. Todorov and L. Turowska
10/2010 Multipliers of multidimensional fourier algebras I. G. Todorov and L. Turowska