Positivity V

Queen's University Belfast

23rd to 27th July 2007


Proceedings. A special issue of the journal Positivity has been reserved for refereed articles based on talks given at this conference. Submissions should be sent directly to the journal, marked "For Positivity V issue", by 31st December 2007. If everyone cooperates by undertaking refereeing tasks quickly then this issue could appear by July 2008. If there is too much material for one issue then part or all of a second issue will be available at a later date. Inclusion in the first proceedings issue will be strictly on a date basis, so the earlier you submit your paper the earlier it may appear!

Problems. Any problems for the conference proceedings should be sent to rather than to the journal. Please send them using basic (La)TeX syntax using no special packages (unless really necessary for diagrams, for instance.) I would like to receive problems by the end of 2007.

Photographs. Some photographs taken during the conference are available here, including some submitted by participants. If you have any more that you are willing to share with the rest of us, please email them to and I will add them to the web site. Conversely, if you are not willing for photographs including yourself to be displayed on the web site contact me at and I will arrange for their removal.

Workshop talks. There has been some interest, from conference participants who were not there, in the talks that were given at the workshop before the conference. Some people took away copies of the notes, but some may not have been able to do so. There is also now available one set of notes that was not ready for the workshop. You may, for a short period (because of possible copyright restrictions,) obtain copies of the talks as follows:

Karim Boulabiar's talk on Disjointness preserving operators

Ben de Pagter's talk on Some Aspects of the Spectral Theory of Positive Operators

Tony Wickstead's talks on Vector and Banach lattices and on Operators on Banach lattices

Subsequent Venues. Positivity VI will be held in the village of El Escorial, about 40km from Madrid, from July 20 to July 24, 2009, whilst Positivity VII will be held in Tunis in 2011.