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Clicking on the person's name will take you to their personal home page, if one exists.

All room numbers refer to the (new) David Bates Building at 7 College Park.

Telephone extensions should be preceded by 028 9097 if you are calling from outside Northern Ireland but within the UK or by +44 28 9097 from outside the UK, where + denotes your international dialling code.

Email addresses are followed by @qub.ac.uk.

The Publications column links to a PDF file of bibliographic information for those publications that have reached MathSciNet.  The individual's home page may contain a more detailed bibliography or extra items.

We all share a fax machine, which is on extension 6060, so faxes should be clearly labelled with the recipient's name.

Our postal address is
Pure Mathematics Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast, University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, UK.

Name Room Phone Email Research Interests Publications
Dr. D. Barnes
Algebraic topology, equivariant stable homotopy theory and model categories MathSciNet
Dr. A. Blanco 02/021 6023 a.blanco Amenability, geometry of Banach spaces and elementary operators MathSciNet
Dr. T. Hüttemann 02/010 6026 t.huettemann Homotopy Theory, Algebraic K-theory of Spaces and Combinatorial Topology MathSciNet
Dr. Y-F Lin
Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Abstract Harmonic Analysis

Dr. M. Mathieu 02/029 6008 m.m Operator Theory, Operator and Banach Algebras and Noncommutative Ring Theory MathSciNet
Dr. T.B.M. McMaster 02/020 6006 t.b.m.mcmaster General Topology and Order MathSciNet
Dr. S.A. Shkarin 02/027 6027 s.shkarin Operator Theory, Infinite Dimensional Analysis and Dynamical Systems MathSciNet
Professor I.G. Todorov 02/037 6007 i.todorov Operator Algebras, Abstract Harmonic Analysis, Quantum Information Theory
Professor  A.W. Wickstead 02/022 6004 a.wickstead Banach Lattices and Regular Operators  MathSciNet
updated: 15 January 2015