Events & Activities

ATWARM Events & Activities

The programme of events & activities planned for ATWARM include:

Event/ Activity Scheduled Date 
Kick-off Meeting 11th May 2010 

Bi-annual Network Meetings
(including Supervisory Board meetings)

Every May & Nov
18th Nov 2010 (QUB)
12th May 2011 (UDE)
1st Dec 2011 (QUB)
1st May 2012 (CRA)
13th+14th Nov 2012 (QUB)

15th May 2013 (DCU)

Summer Schools

2011: Week beginning 18th July
2012: 23rd-27th July

2013: 24th-28th June

International Conference

14-16 May 2013
Conference Website   

Secondments Mid-way 2011-2012

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