Bi-annual Network Meetings

Network Meetings

The ATWARM Network will meet formally twice per year. Each of the young researchers will have the opportunity to present progress - in line with project deliverables - providing invaluable experience for development of communication skills.

Supervisory Board meetings will be planned to coincide with the ATWARM Network meetings, allowing discussions concerning project management and overall progress.

The Network Meetings will also provide a springboard for socialising and networking of the whole project team: supervisors and researchers alike.


Next Bi-Annual Networking meeting, planned for the  30th October at the Queens University of Belfast

Previous Meetings

Bi-Annual Networking Meeting, 8th November 2010, Belfast (QUB)

Bi-Annual Networking Meeting, 12th May 2011, Dusiburg (UDE/IWW) 

Bi-Annual Networking Meeting, 1st Dec 2011, Belfast (QUB)

Bi-Annual Networking Meeting, 1st May 2012, Cranfield (CRA)

Bi-Annual Networking Meeting, 13/14th Nov 2012, Belfast (QUB)