International Conference

"Water - the greatest global challenge"

This three-day international conference will be hosted by Dublin City University at the Helix, from 14th - 16th May 2013.

It is open to external researchers, industrialists and representatives from government agencies.

Research results from the ATWARM project will be disseminated through this event. Other speakers have been invited from industry and government agenices - local, European and International - making this an exciting event for those interested in the future needs of the sector.

ATWARM researchers will also be encouraged to attend and present their results at relevant international conferences and workshops (such as IWA World Water Congress; European Water Conference).


ATWARM International Conference 2013

"Water - The Greatest Global Challenge"
May 14th - 16th 2013 | Dublin City University

Water quality and quantity is a topic of global concern. The world’s water resource is under mounting pressure from factors such as population growth, increased consumerism and more generation of waste.

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