The conference, hosted by DCU at the Helix in Dublin, was a great success, with more than 130 registrations.

Delegates heard about global water challenges and opportunities, with first hand accounts of the situation in China, Brazil, Africa, Europe and Ireland. ATWARM fellows presented the results of their research projects - results that we would hope will lead to development of real innovations for future water resource management. The benefits of industry-university collaborative research were presented, as well as future funding opportunities for the environmental field.

Our sincere thanks to all speakers for their contributions. Presentations are available at the links below.

Tuesday 14th May

Opening session Introduction; David Dalton

Session 1 - Research & innovation Elaine Groom; Richard Stokes; Gerald Jones; Robert Schroder

Session 2 - Water & wastewater treatment 2. Mike Larkin, QUB; Joe Higgins, Veolia; 2. Darragh Hobbs; 2. Ciprian Briciu; 2. Carlo Pozza; 2. Yoann Glocheux

Session 3 - Remediation of surface & groundwater 3. Theresa Kearney; 3. Alessandra Frau; 3. Vasilios Samaras; 3. Feng Liang; 3. Svetlana Gasanova

 Photographs: Opening session; Wilson McGarel QUESTOR; John Tierney Irish Water; David Dalton Plan Ireland; Elaine Groom QUESTOR; Robert Schroder DG Environment EC; Mike Larkin QUB; Joe Higgins Veolia Water Ireland; Darragh Hobbs QUB; Ciprian Briciu DCU; Carlo Pozza UDE; Yoann Glocheux QUB; Session 3 speakers table; Mike Spence Shell Global Solutions; Theresa Kearney NIEA; Alessandra Frau QUB; Vasilios Samaras TelLab; Feng Liang IWW-1; Feng Liang IWW; Svetlana Gasanova IWW

Wednesday 15th May

Session 4 - Water-energy nexus 4. Raffaella Villa; 4. Bjorn Magnusson; 4. Francesco Ometto; 4. Yolanda Aguilera; 4. Beatrice Smyth

Session 5 - Industry collaborative experiences 5. Denis Gray; 5. Mark Bowkett

Session 6 - EEN brokerage event (Enterprise Ireland/ Invest NI)

 Photographs: Session 4 speakers table; Raffaella Villa Cranfield University; Bjorn Magnusson Scandanavian Biogas Fuels AB; Francesco Ometto Cranfield University; Yolanda Aguilera Cranfield University; Richard Elelman Netwerc H2O; Denis Gray North Carolina State University; Mark Bowkett TelLab; Alex Attwood MLA; Alex Attwood MLA 2; Alex Attwood MLA-3

Thursday 16th May

Session 7 - Global water challenges & opportunities 7. Haiyan Pei; 7. Marcelo Morgado; 7. Brid Quilty; 7. Zahra Gholamvand

Session 8 - Environmental monitoring 8. Bartosz Ziolkowski; 8. Monika Czugala; 8. Cecila Fenech; 8. Giacomo Bertini; 8. Eleanor Jennings

Session 9 - Future opportunities for collaboration & funding 9. Peter Wolfmeyer; 9. Alice Weamere; 9. Jane Watkins; 9. Jennifer Brennan

Photographs: Session 7 speakers table; Haiyan Pei Shandong University; Marcelo Morgado ABES; Zahra Gholamvand DCU; Session 8 speakers table; Dermot Diamond DCU; Martin Curley Intel Labs Europe; Bartosz Ziolkowski DCU; Kevin Fraser DCU; Cecilia Fenech DCU; Giacomo Bertini UDE; Kieran Nolan DCU; Peter Wolfmeyer Zenit GmbH; Alice Wemaere EPA