Project Overview

The overall objective of ATWARM is to provide innovative research and training in the field of water and ground water protection to 16 Marie Curie Fellows:

  • 14 PhD students (Early Stage Researchers - ESR) with 36 month contracts
  • 2 post-doctoral researchers (Experienced Researchers - ER) with 24 month contracts

The Fellows will participate in an integrated research programme of 16 individual projects. Each project will be hosted primarily at one of the ATWARM Partner sites.

Scientific and Technical (S&T) training relevant to their specific project will be provided to each Fellow during their contracted research period. In addition, researchers will have the opportunity to access complementary training schemes in business, management and other personal development skills at the Partner institutes, as well as through 3 Summer Schools scheduled within the ATWARM programme.

Project Objectives

The main S&T objectives in the ATWARM proposal are to develop advanced technologies for enhancing:

  1. performance and/or sustainability of water and wastewater treatment plants
  2. water quality, including advanced technologies for analysis and monitoring.

Each ATWARM researcher will carry out research on a specific project, and will be mentored by an appointed supervisor from one of the academic or industrial partners. Researchers will be seconded to other Network Sites mid-way through their research project, in order that they have a wider knowledge of the complete ATWARM scientific programme and its objectives.