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Adrian Long Wins Prestigious Awards

James Alfred Ewing Medal

Prof. Adrian Ernest Long is awarded prestigious James Alfred Ewing Medal

The James Alfred Ewing Medal was founded in 1936 in memory of Sir Alfred Ewing (1855 – 1935). This award is made by the Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers on the joint nomination of the President and the President of the Royal Society.

In recognition of Professor Long’s contributions to the science of engineering through over 40 years of research.  A Past President of the Institution in 2002-03, Professor Long has supervised research of the durability of structural materials and the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, including buildings, bridges and offshore construction.  He has directed a team of interdisciplinary researchers involved in the development of a wave energy system for the UK Department of Energy and his most recent research has seen the commercial development of a novel concrete arch structure.  Professor Long has been awarded and has managed research grants totalling £10m since 1968 and is the author of over 330 technical publications.  His outstanding contributions throughout a distinguished career have been recognised through numerous awards from ICE, the American Concrete Society of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Royal Society.

This is a first for Northern Ireland and over 60% of the previous winners have been Fellows of the Royal Society.  Over the past 50 years winners have included:

Professor Stephen Timoshenko (1963)
Sir Christopher Cockerell (1977)
Sir Alan Muir Wood (1984)
Professor Patrick Dowling (2006)

Professor Adrian Long (2009)

preview of 40 years of research excellence

Adrian Long - James Alfred Ewing Medal (left), Phil Donald - Warren Medal (centre) and David Orr - ICE Gold Medal (right)