Center for Built Environment Research
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Facilities for manufacturing test specimens

  • Storage chambers for wet aggregates
  • A purpose built drying cabinet for drying aggregates
  • Storage bins for dried aggregates and cementitious materials, with dust extraction hoods above the bins.
  • Weighing balance, 60kgx1kg
  • 0.1 cubic metre capacity pan mixer, attached with dust extraction hood
  • 0.05 cubic metre capacity pan mixer, with closed lid
  • Vibrating table
  • Pocker vibrator
  • Various sizes of mould plates to manufacture a range of test specimens
  • 100mm and 150mm size cube moulds
  • 100mm dia. x 200mm cylinder moulds
  • A work bench for bending steel bars and making reinforcement cages
  • Soundproof walls, with air circulation system in the lab.