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Lab and Equipment Booking

Heavy Structures and Concrete Laboratories - Induction Pack

All staff and students must ensure that they follow health and safety regulations outlined in School Health and Safety Handbook (click here). The following sections outline the best practice associated with each task associated with Concrete Laboratories.

The presentation link attached below is a brief guideline to using the labs.


May 2011 Concrete Lab Induction

Lab Equipment

All students wishing to facilate the use of the Concrete Lab machinery must complete an induction which will be overseen by the Technician. Any person wishing to use the equipment in the lab must complete a risk assessment prior to use for all tasks. A blank general Risk Assessment can be found under the Health and Safety section below.

No person is allowed to use the equipment in the lab without completing training and understanding the Health and Safety issues associated with that piece of equipment. This can be done by calling into the lab and arranging an appropriate time with either Geoff or Serena.

Risk Assessments have been provided for all machinery in the lab and can be found for your information in room LG.043. 

The attachments below are a list of all equipment and moulds that are in stock in the lab as of October 2010.

List of Moulds 2010
List of Lab Equipment

Health and Safety

All new materials being brought into the lab must have a Material Safety Data Sheet. A copy of all Material Safety Data Sheets must be given to the technician in the lab at that time. These are held on file in the concrete lab until expiry and removal of the product from the lab. 

All hazardous material either being used or being brought into the lab must have an associated COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) form. This must be completed and given to the technician in the lab prior to use. A blank COSHH form can be found as an attachment below along with a blank Risk Assessment for your use. These all must be completed before work can commence.

An example COSHH form and Risk Assessment can be found below for your information.

All appropriate Personal Protective Equipment must be worn in the lab at all times. PPE can be received from the technician in the lab on the day. All students and Staff MUST have their own Safety Boots.

Blank Risk Assessment Form
Risk Assessment Example
Blank COSHH Form
COSHH Form Example Sodium Hydroxide Consistence test

Lab Booking Information

The list of attachments below are examples of the booking sheets that staff and students must complete prior to using the relevant machinery and equipment. These can be found in the lab either on the machine, hanging on the notice board in the Rheology lab or found in room LG.043.

The Concrete Lab booking timetable can be found in the attachments below along with the booking sheet that must be e-mailed through to Geoff Davis ( prior to mixing. To book a mixing slot you need to check availability in the lab.

Concrete Lab Booking Template
Concrete Lab Mixing Timetable Summer 2011
Booking Sheet for 25 x 25 Moulds
Booking Sheet for 50 x 50 Moulds
Booking Sheet for Aggregate Oven
Booking Sheet for Autoclam 1
Booking Sheet for Carbonation Chamber
Booking Sheet for Freeze Thaw Chamber
Booking Sheet for Permit Machine
Booking Sheet for Hobart Mixer
Booking Sheet for Rheology Measurement
Booking Sheet for Resistivity Machine
H&S Document for Heavy Structures and Concrete Laboratories