Center for Built Environment Research
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Sample preparation facilities

  • Floor mounted core drill.
  • Portable core drill.
  • Two Saws, with 650mm and 230mm diameter blade sizes, for cutting large and small specimens. The small saw can be used with a range of cutting lubricants.
  • Saw with automatic feeder and vacuum mount for preparing thin sections. This saw has a fume extraction hood so that a range of cutting lubricants can safely be used.
  • Drying cabinets and ovens.
  • Vacuum impregnation unit, for impregnating test samples with epoxy or dye.
  • Grinder/polisher, for preparing polished surfaces of materials.
  • Automatic thin section preparation system, for preparing polished thin sections of a range of materials, including stone, concrete, soil, wafers, etc.
  • Hand drills, for drilling dust samples from blocks.
  • Profile grinder, with the capability to obtain dust samples of concrete and rock, at an increment of 0.25mm from an area of 70mm diameter.