Center for Built Environment Research
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Research Students

This page is undergoing revision. Currently CBER hosts over 31 PhD projects..

Ali, Mr. S.

Backus, Mr. J.

Campbell, Mr. N.

Doherty, Mr. C.

Green, Ms. C.

Haji Aji, Ms. S.

Johnston, Mr. R.

Kwasny, Mr. J.

Lian, Ms. Y.

Ma, Ms. Q.

Mayanglambam, Mr. F.

Mehthel, Mr. M.

McCague, Mr. C.

McCluskey, Ms. L.

McConnell, Ms. E.

McCracken, Mr. C.

McGrath, Ms. T.

McIntosh, Mr. A.

McKinstray, Mr. R.

McNamee, Ms. S.

Mu, Ms. M.

O'Donoghue, Mr. V.

Paya, Mr. M.

Phan, Mr. T. P.

Rafeet, Mr. A.

Srinivasan, Mr. S.

Stewart, Mr. J.

Wang, Mr. Y.

Wang, Mr. J.

Yang, Mr K.

Yilmaz, Ms. D.