Center for Built Environment Research
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Architectural Design Research

PhD Projects offered by CBER

Coordinator: Dr Karim Hadjri

Modern Built Environment research combines innovations in materials, interaction of people with the Built Environment, meeting social needs of housing, simulation studies for energy efficiency in Built Environment, and the use of information technology for the efficient use of space, light, energy and acoustics. With the recent appointment of research active staff in architecture technology, CBER now is fully equipped to undertake research in all these topics. The architecture history and culture are brought into this research theme to give vigour to the area. The following are research topics and staff responsible for each topic.

Research Topics

Staff contributing to the topic; the first name in each case indicates the topic leader

Inclusive design

K Hadjri, Y Afacan, K McAllister, R Morrow, S Lappin

People-environment interaction

R Morrow, S Lappin, A Salama, M Ochel

Innovative materials and their use

R Morrow, C Hayles, M Bassuoni, D McPolin, A Jones

Building performance and evaluation

C O’Cathain, D McPolin, Y Afacan, K Hadjri, M Qin

Sustainable Housing studies

C Hayles, K Hadjri, M Ochel, S Lappin, R Morrow

History and theory of architecture

P Larmour, K Hadjri, A Salama

Digital media in architecture

K Hadjri, M Aitchison

Architecture technology

M Qin, A Jones, K McAllister,