Center for Built Environment Research
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Construction and Project Management

PhD Projects offered by CBER

CoordinatorDr. K Hadjiri

This theme addresses sustainability as it relates to the built environment in its entire range—Physical, Economical and Socio-cultural. The goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this area by developing research findings—based on both conceptual and empirical approaches.

Research Topics

Staff contributing to the topic; the first name in each case indicates the topic leader

Landscape architecture

A Salama, M Aitchison, Y Afacan, R Morrow, S Lappin

Urban environment

M Aitchison, S Lappin, A Salama, M Ochel, Y Afacan

Environmental design

J Onyango, C Hayles, D McPolin, A Jones

Urban conservation

A Salama, C Hayles, K Hadjri, M Ochel, S Lappin, R Morrow

Sustainable buildings

C Hayles, M Basheer, D McPolin, M Bassuoni, M Qin

Architectural heritage

P Larmour, A Salama, K Hadjri, J. Onyango

Building conservation

C O’Cathain, D McPolin, Y Afacan, K Hadjri, M Qin

Construction Management – procurement and contract law

L Oyedele, X Meng

Strategic management and competitiveness

X Meng, L Oyedele

Architecture pedagogy

A Salama, C Hayles, K Hadjri, C O’Cathain, P Larmour