Center for Built Environment Research
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Structural Materials

Coordinator: Professor Wei Sha

PhD Projects offered by CBER

Advanced material processing technology, characterisation of materials, testing, monitoring and modelling both the microstructure and behaviour are essential for developing new construction materials which are not only safe, strong and durable, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the Built Environment infrastructure. These topics are dealt with within this theme. Topics of current research and staff who contribute currently to these topics are listed below. Further information on research topics can be obtained by clicking on research topics and expertise of staff who are contributing to the topics can be obtained by clicking on the staff name.

Research Topics

Staff contributing to the topic; the first name in each case indicates the topic leader

Metals research

W Sha , S Malinov

Rheology of cementitious materials

M Sonebi, M Basheer, S Taylor, D Cleland, Y Bai, P Bartos

Nano-technology applied to cementitious materials

M Sonebi, D Cleland, M Basheer, Y Bai,  P Bartos

Utilisation of industrial wastes and by-products

Y Bai, M Basheer, M Sonebi, D McPolin, D Cleland, S Taylor

Low energy, activated cement systems

Y Bai, M Basheer, M Sonebi, W Sha

Durability of concrete

M Basheer , D Robinson, M Sonebi, Y Bai, S Nanukuttan, D McPolin, L Basheer, B Rankin, D Cleland, A Long, S Taylor

Durability of building stone

M Basheer, C Hayles, B Smith, A. Long

In situ testing and durability monitoring of structures

M Basheer, S Nanukuttan, A Long, D Cleland, B Rankin, D McPolin, Y Bai, S Taylor, M Grantham

Repair and maintenance of structures

D Cleland, M Basheer, L Basheer, M Sonebi, B Rankin, P Robery

Service life methodologies and life cycle analysis

S Nanukuttan, D McPolin, M Basheer, L Basheer

Solid waste management and immobilisation technologies

M Basheer, Y Bai, B Sengupta

Sustainable materials and technologies

M Basheer C Hayles, M Qin, D McPolin