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Coordinator: Prof. David Cleland

Safety and serviceability of structural elements have been the emphasis of Structures research in the past, but with the change of emphasis to sustainable development of the construction industry, innovative methods of construction, by utilising arching action in structural elements and non-ferrous reinforcement, has introduced new challenges. Ongoing monitoring of structural performance introduced innovation in sensor technology, which is now combined with durability monitoring of structures. The following table demonstrates the research topics and staff contributing to each of the research topics in Structures research.

Research Topics

Staff contributing to the topic; the first name in each case indicates the topic leader

Structural health monitoring using advanced sensors

S Taylor, A Long, M Basheer

Sustainable infrastructures utilising arching action in structures

S Taylor , B Rankin, D Cleland, S Gilbert, D Robinson

Structural behaviour and modelling

D Cleland, S Taylor, D Robinson, S Gilbert

Use of advanced composites in construction

S Taylor, D Cleland, B Rankin, D Robinson

Timber composite structures

S Gilbert, R Gilfillan, D McPolin

Modular structures

S Taylor, M Sonebi

Steel Structures J Lim, S Taylor, D Cleland